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Default Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?

Hello all.

I've deleted my original text...I was overanxious to include what I had written and disregarded the intent of this thread. the spirit of the original thoughts on what mentoring would be like for me personally would be that it begins with a wave of similar mentoring for many people on Earth. (those who are ready)
And that this benevolent beings intentions are to offer me any information I wish.
That the being makes itself known through telepathy and a visual that isn't necessarily their true body...but a gentle introduction. Perhaps a gradual introduction of what i've experienced on psychoactives like translucent vortex's appearing, geometric shapes...then a sensing of a presence...then a voice that begins a polite...non-authoritarian conversation.
After a few minutes of this I would then see them as they are...if it is possible in our atmosphere. If not, then a holographic image of them.
After an hour or so of conversation in my home...or perhaps in a park...someplace i'm comfortable...then I would be anxious to see their vehicle and interact with others of their kind. Perhaps sitting at a terminal for a few hours with access to all information. But I think i'd prefer interacting with 'a being' instead of a machine.
The mentoring itself...other than letting me know who I really am...what Earth's true history is...would inevitably proceed toward realizing my full potential as a human being. Perhaps telepathy training.
The information given...and the time frame...and what becomes of the mentoring...really depends on what is happening on Earth at the time.

The ideal scenario for me that many people experience this on Earth within a month or so. I'd be much more comfortable with mentoring if there were many other humans involved.
I prefer interacting with beings 'one on one'...or very small groups. But i'd like to 'see' that many humans are also involved at the same time I am.

I look forward to it!

Insert: seems i've forgotten the all-important 'love' aspect. What a wonderful experience it will be to sit with a truly benevelont being. Someone patient enough to endure my untrained human thought-patterns. Someone that controls theirs so well that all that they radiate is love. And the center of my training.

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