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Default Re: New Bill Seeks to Restrict Access to Dietary Supplements in US

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
If that happens then I will be finding a way out of the country in a hurry.
Where will you go? These laws aren't exclusive to America, as a matter of fact it's worse in some country's over in Europe and Australia you can't purchase anything that's an immune booster, among other things. Canada has been fighting these laws...and bigpharma is behind all of it. This is an all out assault on our health freedom on a global level, if they succeed in America with these laws we won't be able to purchase products anymore because the bills will force manufacturers out of business.

It's all in the so called name of safety, they'll require testing on each product that costs billions to conduct. None of the smaller companies can compete on that level and will go out of business, or be arrested for selling drugs.

It's evil...pure evil and the people need to wake up and fight this before it's too late for all of us. There is no place to go T3J this is a global offense...

Unless maybe in somewhere in China where they rely on Eastern medicine...
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