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I wish I would have grabbed a screen shot of the map Lucus shows several times ...
These petroglyphs with the spirals were only found at the highest mountains in the world. They showed mountain goats, and people signaling to go up.

So if Denver is a mile high - and Denver should be a safe area -- perhaps any place over a mile high would be safe. I checked on the mountain peaks out here in the NE Oregon Boondocks and many are indeed much higher than that. And they are also closing a lot of the mountain roads in this area. I might be in better luck than I thought. Also this was a very, very rich gold mining area and it's said 90% of the gold is probably still in the ground. Lots and lots of older houses for sale around here - Baker City, Oregon. EDIT: Bad news is the lack of good jobs.

If anyone can get a good screen shot of that map - I don't want to have to go through this whole thing again - 13 parts.

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