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Default Re: Infowars and PrisonPlanet sites down?

For New Zealand and Australian users this is what i have been advised:


It has been discovered today that New Zealanders cannot access Alex Jones' flagship websites - and
Almost everyone we have contacted so far can not connect, except for 3 Telstra users. An Orcon technical support employee did a traceroute to follow all of the router hops; and they failed when they hit asianetcom's router in Sydney. The same employee also mentioned that Telstra uses a different route, which allows Telstra customers to access the blocked sites.
Every other website on the internet works for the affected users, so it seems suspicious that alternative media websites would suddenly stop working for the vast majority of New Zealanders. Alex Jones' staff have been notified.
Action may soon be taken, but in the meanwhile news reading enthusiasts are advised to use to read infowars and prisonplanet.
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