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Default Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?

Interesting subject and I have found orthodoxymoron's comments to be quite passionate and wise. I do not accept a "mentor" from any other dimension or planet or time. A mentor is necessarily a trusted guide and I do not trust anyone, nor do I distrust anyone. Trust doesn't enter into the picture at all.

I have had several encounters with beings while I was awake and in this earth reality and countless encounters for many years while out of body travelling in multiple dimensions. There are many beings who attempt to portray themselves as superior. That is not a game I deliberately play so I do not accept it, consequently they have no power over me. Most of the games on other dimensions, similarly to here on earth, are still about power. Sometimes these games seem to be benevolent and in fact may be benevolent, but I do not need to follow anyone or any god and I most certainly do not need to be educated or mentored when all knowledge is within me. So accepting a mentor brings to mind the funny saying "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you"! Thanks, but no thanks.

Any conscious being who is playing a hierarchical scenario is one whom I automatically "defend" myself against. We are easily influenced, especially when the love that is radiated is very strong. The best defense is to merge with these beings so you become ONE. Then there is no chance of misinterpretation of agendas, and yes, most beings have agendas no matter what form they are or what dimension they inhabit.

One of the beings that walked into my bedroom one night while I was reading in bed was about 7-8' tall, rather hairy and with somewhat of a gruff look on his face. I asked him what the hell he was doing in my bedroom. He replied that this was his job, although it seemed a rather uninteresting one to him. I was not emotional with him, neither overly negative or positive, but I said to him that I was not interested in having him "watch over me", thank you very much. So he left. Perhaps he is still hanging around, I don't know. Not too long after that a large golden dragon began to appear in my living room and would sit behind my couch. Perhaps I liked his form more and I was not disturbed that he wanted to hang out around me. He was rather neutral and only seemed to want to be with me for a while. This lasted for several weeks. I don't know why and I don't really care why. It was fun and I like fun!

I talk to my "guides" on a fairly regular basis, or those who think they are my guides, as they've been hanging around for decades. I like them but I certainly don't feel a need to "learn" from them. Occasionally I berate them with some choice 4 letter words if I feel like they should earn their "keep" by helping me a bit with something I might want to manifest, but all in all we have a good understanding. I tolerate them and allow them to fulfill whatever it is they think their mission might be, and upon occasion I demand some action from them.

Ultimately when you can get over the anger stage, which is a natural reaction when you become fed up with the constant lies and manipulation from other beings (including humans of course), you can then see the humor in the game and enjoy it more. I do believe anger is a valuable tool at times, just as love is a wonderfully powerful tool, but it is self empowering to become more detached from fear/anger and love. My favorite emotion, and one which I use with most non physical and physical beings is humor. If they are negative, I laugh. If they are loving, I laugh. Soon we are all laughing and we merge, then we are one. The hierarchical impetus naturally dissolves and the absolute love, which we rarely have felt and often misinterpret, manifests.

As far as fearing what others think of you when they can read your thoughts, there is nothing to fear. It's not my business what anyone else thinks of me and I don't care. I like myself, if they don't then that's their problem and not mine. I suppose my only problem would be if I don't like myself, but that's a negative, self destructive and disempowering emotion and since I forgive myself for anything I might do or have done that was destructive, silly or stupid, I have no problem liking myself.

So my advice (to myself) is to never accept that anyone, any guru, any god, any goddess is more than I am. It simply is not true.


Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
What if the ET's need to learn from US? Why do we assume that the other guys are really, really smart...and that we're the stupid ones? I'm getting more and more angry regarding the treatment of the Human Race. I'm tired of the lies, the experimentation, the genetic dumbing down, the theocracies, and who knows what else. I'm as mad as hell. I've had enough. And I'm not going to take this anymore. In the good old days...Alex Collier thought that all of the ET's should leave...both good and bad...and that they should all just leave us alone. Now he wants us to be mentored by ET's. Just wait a few months or a few years...and the story changes. We need to get real...real fast. I don't want harm to come to any ET's...good or bad...but the Human Race should rule the Human Race in This Solar System. Anything else is unacceptable. I don't care if this makes the Reptilians angry. I will not cower. I knelt in church for too many years. I'm done kneeling. I'm done being instructed by the Gods. They shouldn't rule over us...and we shouldn't rule over them. Is this an example of an ET mentoring session? Think about it. I'm half joking and half serious when I say:

Experimentation Without Representation!! Better Dead Than Rep!! John May Lives!!

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