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Default Re: 2 suns anybody else seeing this

Originally Posted by lucrum View Post

If at all possible, maybe someone without the ability should get together with someone that has it...and they both take pictures from the same place *outside* with no obstructions to mess with the shot? Just an idea to get a clearer view of what's going on.
Afraid that won't work mate. Don't matter who films the sun. Only those with "Special" freaking powers will see two suns. Bit like the Emperors new cloths. I suppose it's an absolute coincidence that some geezer with a digital camera can film 2 suns but the thousands of professional and amateur astronomers, with mega bucks of equipment, can't. Stone the bleedin crows mate these back yard astronomers could save thousands by just going on Youtube.

Not getting at you Lucrum but stuff like this boils my balls. I mean what kind of IQ have some of these people got. I mean FFS.

EDIT Everyone quick...check the family album. Anyone with "red eye" is proof that Cylons have stolen that body.

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