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Default Re: 2 suns anybody else seeing this

Originally Posted by Peace of mind View Post
Only some people have the ability to see the binary star. I suspect by May 2011 just about everyone will. I highly doubt all sightings are results of lens flares and atmosphere distortions. I personally know someone who just recently started seeing the second sun nearly everyday…along with other strange anomalies such as weird colors and shapes. Just because YOU don’t see it yet doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t see it either. Everyone’s senses are heightened accordingly, evolution and/or awareness may take longer for others, especially for those placing doubt in the capabilities of others they know nothing about…

First off, I would like to say that even though I do not confirm the sightings of a second sun or lightsource next to our own sun, it does not mean I completely discredit the ones that claim they do see it. That's none of my business.

However, you say that the ability to see the binary star is limited to some people...that may very well be true. It does on the other hand not explain how some cameras/camcorders capture it, while others don't.
I may be missing something here, that cameras/camcorders are empowered when used by people with the ability to witness this binary star.
Unfortunatly, as mentioned in my last post, loads of footage showing this second lightsource next to the sun have factors in them that makes it all too easy to see another reason for this lightsource to exist.

If at all possible, maybe someone without the ability should get together with someone that has it...and they both take pictures from the same place *outside* with no obstructions to mess with the shot? Just an idea to get a clearer view of what's going on.

I would guess it is in our best interest to shine some light on this, whatever way we can?
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