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This is Lori Toyes site from where, amongst other things, she sells her future maps.

I Am America is an offshoot from the I Am movements that stemmed from Godfre King's Asvended Master teachings in the 1930's. It has more to do with those movements than Theosophy as such rather like a watered down version of theosophy. Its modern counterparts are Claire Prophet's Summit University, the Temple of the Presence and I Am America all based in the US. Its interesting to note that America is an annagram of the I Am Race.
For the English version of how the land lies after earth changes from an Ascended Master perspective, you have to look at Andrew Smith's Revolution of 2012 website or the DKF Foundation. The British versions are less evangelical in tone and more sobre than the American movements I would say. Oh and there is the Zeta talk safe location PDF too.
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