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Originally Posted by Carrie1971 View Post
Edgar Casey is the reason my eyes have always been open. I must say one thing in regard to him. He was put in jail more than one time because he spoke out about what he knew was happening.

His water way opening up was something he saw as himself living a life time again and he was in the water traveling to the "new western" part of the U.S. of A. I do remember that part. However it was a very long time ago I read that book of his dreams and visions.

As for the idea that someone or even one of us who post here may be called up for a ticket to be in some "safe place" I hold out no hope that would happen. We will see lack of food first and soon from the way the crops are being killed as I type. I would suggest everyone have their basic needs covered well with at least a 5 or maybe a 15 months supply.

As an exercise, I made a list of items for 20 people for 1300 days. It is important to be near a clean water source for that many people.

Protein: 50-60 grams of protein per day per person x 1300 days = 65,000 grams protein or 65Kg (for 20 people x 1300 days = 1300 Kg for 20 people for 1300 days)

Carbs and Fats/Oils: 2500 calories per day per person x 1300 days = 3,250,000 calories (x 20 people for 1300 days = 65,000,000 calories for 20 people for 1300 days)

Water: 10 ounces of water for one person for 1300 days = 13,000 ounces of water (x 20 people = 260,000 ounces) 260,000 ounces = approx 7700 liters = approx 1,700 Imperial Gallons
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