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Sara's dream has some merit in the earthquake, volcano arena that's for sure!!

Well if the earth is absorbing the energy from the sun because the magnetic field has/is weakening then at some point the earth would expand from the heat energy, like taking a deep breath, and all the plates have no choice but to separate from each other, not scrape against each other. This would allow edges of plates to drop or fall down while also splitting or cracking plates anywhere else it is weak.

A good indication of the swelling of the planet would be the lava tubes filling up because of heat expansion... so maybe Yellowstone's (for just one example) lava tubes filling up and the non-stop quakes recently are the strong indicators of the earth swelling closer to a point of creating plate separations or cracks in the mantle.

And George Green mentioned in the LA conference that there are pools of poisoned or toxic water in the hills that will be reversed back into the water system...

And Obama confirmed during his second presidential debate against McCain, in an off-the-cuff remark that there are 22 suit case nukes somewhere... ?

Plus Phil Schneider spoke of all these submarines being built on the east coast made out of a high strength titanium, built in space with the space station, that could sit on the bottom of deep water for months at a time without being crushed by the depths. So I wonder for whom all those subs are for and when the ticket calls go out.

Or should we go with the fluffy happy ending that we'll be saved and rescued and things will even out and tptw will all get arrested and very little will happen to disrupt the continents and we can pick up where we left off in a few years????????

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