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Default Re: 2 suns anybody else seeing this

Honestly, I think the anomaly that is sometimes seen near the sun is Nibiru (a planet size ship with dimensional cloaking capabilities), and/or the Eye of Horus manipulating the sun to send out information via solar flares. The planet size orbs that are also seen around the Sun can possibly be instruments/tools used to prepare/create these flares.

It’s been said that Jupiter will be the second sun…which in a way makes a bit more sense to me. Every celestial object in our system is heating up and this heating just might ignite the gas giant Jupiter…Or it could already be ignited but its brilliance is limited to 3D viewing…perhaps the reason why 2 or more stars are mentioned in many ascension based stories. In any case, if you do happen to see more then one star…congrats. I’m in no position to say or prove you wrong.

Here’s something else for the doubters to ponder on…

^^Nemesis, the binary star…could very well be real, its said to have an obit that brings it around every 26,000,000,000 years. Its last approach was around the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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