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Default Re: Egyptian Energy Science: BioGeometry Training Overview

Your welcome my friends and I agree Seashore it is amazing stuff.

A sample of a few studies undertaken using biogeometry:

Professor Peter Mols of Wageningen Agriculture University in Holland found that BioGeometry energy methods could be used in place of Pesticides and Artificial Fertilizers to grow healthy organic crops with a greatly extended shelf life.

The Swiss village of Hemberg suffered both human and animal health problems after a powerful Microwave antenna array was placed in the center of town. Dr. Karim balanced the electromagnetic pollution problem for the entire area, leading to such a dramatic improvement in living conditions (and the return of birds and other animals which had fled the area) that he was given the Key to the City by the Mayor and featured on national Swiss news programs.

The Egyptian National Research Centre determined that BioGeometry forms could stop the replication of Bacteria, a result which they stated in their report that they could not explain according to modern scientific theory.
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