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I'm writing an article that examines Sara Hoffman's after-life vision, she brings up some very plausible scenario's. When I was 16yrs old I experienced "visions" of the end times and much of it was connected to Earth having to cleanse itself of the pollution and negative energy created by humanity. It's as if the Earth suddenly wakes from a coma and begins to purge the toxins, as well as the toxic people.

In her report, it's interesting how the west is inundated with water on the maps, Sarah seems corroborate what the maps reflect and gives an interesting description how it can happen and where a lot of the water comes from.

Like Sarah, I also saw the invasion of the US by foreign forces and war on American soil....this was in 1977 when no one thought that was even possible, so I eventually buried these thoughts for fear of being labeled a wackodoodle.
Well for me I can see it happening real easy... the ocean water sloshing out of its bed momentarily if there is a tilt or hiccup in the spin... kind of like walking with a bucket of water (planet spins at 1000 mph at the equator-ctrclkwse) and you hit the edge of a table just before setting it down the front edge of the water spills out of the bucket... so watch out east coasts of continents!!!! Of course then the water would have to come all the way back to the west coasts so both coasts get a good scrubbing and then lots of spillage into the interiors.

Wackodoodle... maybe we could use that term instead for the 'w' in 'tptw'... the powers of the wackodoodles.

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There are the dreamers of dreams and there are those who change their dreams.


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