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Default Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?

I have experienced (telepathic, but with very detailed visuals) communications with what are traditionally known as certain of the Gods. The communication would always begin with them saying something to the effect that “I [the God] am so very high and you are currently so low. And by the way, who, exactly, are you anyway, that I should even be interested in communicating with you?” I know that the Greeks and other ancients used to claim that the Gods had tremendous hubris. But what I eventually discovered was that it wasn’t hubris at all. It was something necessary so that after the conversation, if not during it, I would respect the God’s words enough to eventually take advantage of the depth of wisdom in them – and also, even, to discover that after I had peeled back or explored one layer of wisdom, there was sometimes a deeper layer underneath. The first time I encountered Shiva (who also revealed he had been other Gods in various incarnations on our planet, such as Dionysus and Enki), the first thing I saw was the embroidery that started beneath the feet of Shiva and some other Gods with him. That embroidery displayed such an ingenious use of coloured material and precious stones and metals, my initial thought was: “This artwork is by someone who’s obviously an absolute major genius with colour. Am I contacting da Vinci, or maybe one of the pre-Raphaelites, or who?” So even the treasure-filled material (which the Gods were also all wearing as their clothing) emphasized that it would be a smart idea for me not to underestimate the quality and the truthfulness of whatever would be communicated to me.

Yes, it was also initially quite spooky to feel how Shiva seemed to kind of “see through” me totally and also to identify me because of my past lifetimes. (In my case, I hadn’t had many 3D lifetimes, having come to 3D from 6D, where the Gods also are when they aren’t themselves incarnated in 3D.) The Gods don’t “mentor” so much as give you details of how to liberate yourself from something in a way you’d never manage to do alone. Then they want you to go away, and may refuse to communicate further.
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