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Originally Posted by JudgeMental View Post
Namaste. Here is a list of future maps

Aron Abrahamsen

Delores Cannon.

Ashton Pitre

Gordon Michael Scallion

George Shaffer

Dr. Chet Snow

Len & Lori Toyes
Just a thought... about 5 years ago I overlayed each of those maps (use transperency sheets in your copier) over each other and is was pretty cool to see where the land masses remained untouched relative to each of the individuals impressions. But just recently it dawned on me that all the maps still have a right side up orientation... N to S.

Why can't the planet tilt or shift sideways or even completely turn upside down?

Just because the poles move around or flip doesn't preclude where the continents may end up potentially reorienting their final positions? Maybe the continents are all sideways now, wouldn't the weight of the planet also shift with the poles and axis shifting? So that's a lot of off balance washing-machine tilt action.
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