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Default Re: Klaus Dona Interview was suberb!

Originally Posted by enemyofNWO View Post
I enjoyed it very much . About the common language and the tower of Babel it could be true . It appears that mankind was manipulated to speak different languages . The theme that seems to be hinted at is a major catastrophe (recurring ) that wipes out civilizations and that reminds me of another PC interview with a researcher called Patrick Geryl . Another point that came up during the interview was the nature of the rigged science they teach at Universities and it is used in school's textbook . We have again another independent confirmation that most thinks in this world are rigged .
For what it is worth in Voyagers II, there is the account of the Babble on masacre in which it says that the alterations made by the FA to the electromagnetic field wiped out the memory of everyone (except few selected ones that were taken off planet) and then they came back to teach their languages, history, maths etc.

What I am finding rather extraordinary is to find, little by little, piece by piece, so much corroboration one way or another that what that book says...what if is all true?

I enjoyed the interview very much, very good and love to know more about antiquities that are being push aside by the controlers, is so telling

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