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Default Re: Synthetic beings at war on earth?!?!?!

The synthetic beings have been in existance for many billions of years, if I am understanding correctly the information given by the Guardian Alliance. THere is also some information about them in ancient Gnostic texts

The are the metatronic beings which are people that has no conection to source because they have done monadic reversal, or in other words killed their seed atom (god seed) which disconects them from source. Their template and matter is very different than ours and they normally operate in the astral plane or above it. They are also called demons, subcube and incube and the ones responsible for demonic possesion

The war is an energy one that is being waged in the upper dimmensions where our souls and other parts of ouselves are, which is why we need to be aware of what is happening in our auric fields

They are what we call vampires but not of blood but energy, again not all types of energy either but the one related with fear and lust.

I don't know if they are comming from Aden, by I can say that they have come before through wormholes like those created by the montauk and possible cern

I just use the techniques I learned from keylontic sciences, they work for me and I must say that since I have been posting in this site I had some strong psychic attacks but they don't affect me, also there is information about this in Sliders 5 of the azurite press which includes a safe method to get rid of them

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