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Smile Re: Aliens. Mothman. Extraterrestrials. Special Agencies. Rogue Groups.

Yeah, I noticed the forum evolving with separate topics. That's good.

As for OBEs, I sometimes had flying dreams when I was age 3 - 9.
I remember it took a lot of concentration to navigate.
I was too young to get much out of them.
And from age 10 they stopped for one reason or another.
(Fluoride in the drinking water in New Zealand, or inoculations or something)

I suppose such abilities would be a National Security issue.
Look at hackers on the internet for example.

It's also interesting how Remote Viewing
has come out in the open these days.

I guess if anyone get's good at it,
the government would employ them for a good salary.

Do you OBE naturally, without substances?

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