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Default Re: You Must Choose Soon part 2

Today (01-10-09) we had our first "Silver Round Table" meeting. I wonder if someone could do some numerology and tell us more about the date....

The show was to start 11am my time and I had trouble getting on so get this I couldn't get on till guess what time ..... yep 11:11. But only to find out that I had two hours to wait. The technical stuff is not important but what we did was.

I happen to have access to a transcriptionist and they are going to transcribe the meeting. Hopefully if there is enough interest we can start a special section in Avalon to promote this community open currency project.

So look for a complete transcript of the 90 minutes soon. In the meatime I will be gathering up my notes and post a summary of the event. Here on this thread.

In the meantime please feel free to go to the archive and listen, here is the link.

We got a chance to have Razor as he likes to be called join us in our talk about an open currency project.

It was a start. I hope you will take the time to listen to the archive. In the meantime I will put together a brief "who, what, where" of the conversation I had with Razor after the call.

There are some very exciting things on the horizon, and this could be one of the many was so dearly deserve.

Until later.... HOLD FAST

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