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Originally Posted by Tez View Post
Brothers and sisters...........Aboriginal and Caucasian,

There was a great video that is worth watching if you have not already seen it, to get an idea of what firstly the Aboriginal peoples can teach about the gathering of food in this vast country of ours, and secondly to show the Caucasion races what is not known about food sourcing and preparation.

The video's were done in outback Australia, and Arnhem Land, and were part of the Ray Mears collection.
Ray Mears - Outback Survival,
Ray Mears - ArnhemLand,
Ray Mears - Psychology of Survival is also a must see. as well as the Ray Mears BBC Survival Series on Wild Food.

I had downloaded and viewed all of each series, and they are quite informational and good viewing.

Edit: Also, a good movie to watch "Rabbit Proof Fence", which shows the survival of Aboriginal children in the outback, centre of Australia, and the telepathic communication that exists with these native Australian that Caucasians have lost or no longer have.


For those who would like to download these off the net and keep them as study guides.

I only use Firefox. Go to Mozilla downloads, download the "Download Helper" function. This will plant an icon on your browsing page tool bar (using firefox, not sure if it works on I.E.).
Go here .....

Start the movie, click on the download helper and the URL comes up in the download box, click start and there you go. If I missed any steps or you need assistance, just drop me a PM.
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