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Default Re: Final destination Iran?

Dear Sisters,

In recent months, some have asked, ‘How did women obtain such a status in the Iranian people’s struggle?’

Two factors are involved in shaping this status:

The first is the 150-year-old women’s struggle against dictatorship in Iran;

The other is the nature of their current confrontation with a misogynist regime.

You are well aware that the mullahs have made life hell for women in Iran through their brutal suppression, systematic degradation, gender apartheid and deprivation of the most fundamental rights and freedoms.

What results in virtue of this backward system is, on the one hand, women’s poverty and anguish, with the following consequences:

• One-fourth of Iranian women are depressed or experiencing psychological trauma;
• Women’s share of the country’s economy amounts to just 12 percent;
• More than two million extremely impoverished women are also the breadwinners for their families;
• And, there are three hundred thousand victims of prostitution in the Iranian capital, Tehran, alone.

Additionally, this system results in a brutal suppression, to the extent that thousands upon thousands of female opponents have been hanged to date, tens of thousands of female opponents have undergone torture, and millions have been expelled, purged or forced to live in exile.

All this is in parallel to the immeasurable anguish resulting from the daily control and inquisition and a variety of humiliations and insults, all of which are intangible.

In fact, there is no particular or unique example of injustice carried out against women. It is an indescribable injustice the beginnings and ends of which is unclear. One example of it is the systematic rape of women in prisons.

Another is the issue of “mal-veiling,” which is neither the subject of a written law nor does it have any established criteria. Rather, everything from the kind, size, and color of women’s clothing up to and including their behavior and way of talking is a target.

You can grasp the state of Iran’s society through the prism of what women have experienced. The oppression of the Iranian woman defines social life in its most inhumane form. That is why the liberation and advancement of society would be triggered only when the oppression of women has ended.

Therefore, the resistance of Iranian women in opposition to the regime has the goal of obtaining their right to live as human beings.
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