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Default Dr. Waterman - This is unreal! Orion, Nazca Lines, Nephilim, Egypt: Join The "Dots"

Dr. Waterman re-released the audio that strangely went "missing" from the site, and it is quite interesting to ponder what and who would want to "remove" this info and why. There's a lot of stuff in that audio, but most of it revolves around "who is who?" and some stuff that might knock your socks off if you've never heard it. I give you my word, I was quite speechless during this discussion. Or should I say, slightly stuttery? (Don't know if that's a word or not).

Anyhow, if you'd like to take a look, here's the link...

Audio - Waterman Tells All

I typed out as much of a summary as I could as I was going through the original, and as mentioned on the site removed nothing (except the odd cough or hack). I figure if there's something somebody doesn't want us to know, it's not up to me to hold anything back.


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