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Default Re: The Bible and the Evil God: Lies, deception & brainwashing

Originally Posted by MyShadow View Post
Instead, consider installing a new program "tolerance" where you can accept differences and focus on some common denominators - such as compassion (not pity), wisdom, and faith in a higher power.
Isn't a more fundamentally necessary program called "empathy"? If we foster empathy for our fellow human beings (and other life as well) then compassion, tolerance, and wisdom (the intelligent use of information) follow naturally don't they? A non-evidence based belief (faith) in the supernatural isn't really necessary for ethical, moral, or "good" behavior in human beings.

All that is really necessary is a recognition of the commonality of experience that human beings share. We all feel pain and pleasure, we all know what it is to be a human being, we just have to recognize that our neighbor is the same as we are in these respects no matter what differences may or may not exist.

All we have is each other as the claims and promises of the supernatural are hollow constructs of the human imagination that repeatedly and consistently fail to live up to the aspirations of those who would evoke them. Or so it has been my experience.

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