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Default Re: The Bible and the Evil God: Lies, deception & brainwashing

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Take a very, very long and very, very hard look at the following:

1. Archangel Gabriel
2. Archangel Michael
3. Archangel Lucifer
4. Ancients or Founders
5. Anunnaki Reptilians
6. Draconian Reptilians
7. Grey Reptilians
8. Interdimensional Reptilians
9. God and Satan
10. Angels and Demons
11. Human Beings
12. God the Father
13. God the Son
14. God the Holy Spirit
15. Theology and Theocracy
16. Heaven and the Garden of Eden
17. Rebellion and War in Heaven
18. Expulsion and Exodus
19. Law, Covenant, and Constitution
20. Slavery and Freedom
21. Creation and Evolution
22. Love and Responsibility

What are the precise definitions, descriptions, interactions, and overlaps of these words? This may be the most important study one can possibly make. Lay aside your preconceived notions...and forget the bad experiences you may have had in connection with religion and church. Theology is at the center of Disclosure. The Jesuits know exactly what I'm talking about...but they are quite mysterious and secretive. They have very short leashes...and their masters carry very big sticks.

Disclosure = The PTB telling us the truth about all of the above...without telling us the truth about all of the above. I'm still enamored with the idea of applying Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom to both the Human and the Reptilian races...both internally and cooperatively. Unfortunately...reason and solutions are often unwelcome in the heat of battle...especially when hatred, fear, and pride override everything else.

You know Ortho, I think this may be very well at the core of the problem. Lucifer & crew did their best to hide from mankind who they really are and also did their best to twist and lie about Michael, Gabriel, all other good guys and finally Yahweh and Jesus Christ.

We as mankind actually don`t know what are they,except that they are spirits. But what is a spirit? Is it just energy with conscience or more ?

See we don`t know mere facts who they are ,heck we don`t know what WE are so far. But I would use my Sherlock Holmes likability now and think logically that IF they are trying SO hard all this millenniums to keep us deaf and blind ,then something very big is behind the hill.
Jesus was telling us the very core of what we are ,but even he was killed. Well he was resurrected by Creator ,but still Satan arranged evil people to kill him back then. That gives you a strong point of how much we are ignorant despite all that was done in a good way for us by Christ.
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