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Default Re: The Bible and the Evil God: Lies, deception & brainwashing

BROOK...Faith, Trust, and Love can be euphemisms for Blind Submission. Working with a group...and being able to take orders, instruction, and discipline are good and important things...but they can very easily morph into something evil and destructive. There are a lot of fine-lines and tight-ropes to walk in life. I usually stumble and fall. I'm mainly interested in the true history and nature of the Human and Reptilian races...and how they interact and conflict with each other. If this was a good and happy thing...the PTB wouldn't have lied about it for thousands of years...and wouldn't continue to lie about it...I don't think. Bill Cooper spoke of Henry Kissinger working around the clock and not speaking to anyone when he was learning about a lot of this. It must have hit him like a ton of bricks. I think it will hit the people of the world like a ton of bricks. That's why Disclosure probably needs to be a process. I think the PTB are corrupt...and that we are stupid. This complicates Disclosure. The corrupt ruling the stupid...combined with Interdimensional Reptilians and Ancient Advanced a very, very bad combination. Talk about a tinder-box!


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