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Default Re: The Bible and the Evil God: Lies, deception & brainwashing

Originally Posted by RedeZra View Post
we are magicians in a magic world, our imagination is the limit, all is possible, with positive thinking, we are what we think, within the body vehicle
While true in a general sense, in a more practical way it certainly is not. The false hopes of religion, religious hucksters, spiritualists, faith healers and the like no longer hold any draw or mystery for me. I have lived through simply too much at this point to fall for any of that nonsense anymore. I have run into numerous people in various walks of life who live rich fantasy lives where they think themselves in contact with spirits, angels, god, and other beings. In each and every case (including my own) when examined closely there is nothing really there except human imagination or chicanery. While I remain open minded and willing to review any evidence presented to me I have come to realize practically nothing is what it at first claims to be and great caution must be taken when accessing the veracity of any claim.

Originally Posted by RedeZra View Post
Saint Padre Pio was a well known miracle man
Padre Pio is a well known fraud:
The founder of Rome's Catholic university hospital concluded Padre Pio was "an ignorant and self-mutilating psychopath who exploited people's credulity". The Vatican, deeply suspicious, banned him from saying Mass in public. 2002

Over the years I have encountered so many "well meaning" people who have recommended frauds, hucksters, liars, and down right cheats to me. I don't quite understand how we can put blinders on ourselves when we are supposedly on a "journey toward the truth." The answer is of course religious "faith" which insists that one's belief shouldn't follow the evidence but rather the dictates and dogma of the faith. That's how people fall for religious hucksters like Pio, Tilton, Roberts, Baker, Hinn, Sathya Sai Baba, (just to name a tiny few) which allows them continue to victimize their patrons.

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