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Default Re: 9/11 FEMA Videographer goes Public

Originally Posted by seashore View Post
The article says, "...Voltaire Network: Your autobiographical book titled El Perseguido (the persecuted) was recently published in Argentina where you live in exile since 2003. Tell us who is persecuting you..."
Seashore, I hope you were not asking me who is persecuting me, because I never said anything about me being persecuted. I gather he has more info from
"Additionally, Kurt Sonnenfeld was contracted by several other governmental agencies and programs for classified and “sensitive” operations at military and scientific installations throughout the United States.
On September 11, 2001, the area known as “Ground Zero” was sealed from the public eye. Sonnenfeld, however, was given unrestricted access enabling him to document for the investigation (that never took place) and provide some “sanitized” pool video to virtually every news network in the world. The tapes that reveal some of the anomalies which he discovered at Ground Zero are still in his possession."

So, I suggest it get published immediately or he will be another DC Madam.

Just clarifying what I said.
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