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Default Re: Memories Prove Reincarnation

My understanding of the Akashic records is that everything that happens, every thought, every action, every feeling, everything, is recorded in Akasha.

This can be reviewed by people here who have their third eyes opened enough, or momentum on that talent, and in the future, it may be possible to review it using technology here on planet earth.

It is used as a teaching tool and 'history' book and serves many other purposes I'm sure to those in the spiritual realm and etheric realm. My understanding is, you get a life review at the end of a life to see everything that happened and from all the different people's perspectives you interacted with, at the end of an embodiment to, and I assume that's using Akashic records.

I believe Akashic records are probably stored in the etheric realm, which is the 6th dimension, but it is possible it is above that in the spiritual realm.
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