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Default Re: Memories Prove Reincarnation

Reincarnation was believed by the earliest Christians, the 'followers of the way'. It was not banned as a belief in Christianity until the 6th century, by an emperor nonetheless. Justinian literally had the pope, Vigilius banned from Rome for a decade because the pope refused to nullify the teachings of Origin, which taught reincarnation.

Reincarnation is a lost teaching that the people must learn about again so we can see there's a lot more to life than just be merry and then we die! We are here to evolve continuously and you will ALWAYS reap as you sew. If you live terribly thinking that's it, forget about it, you gotta come back and make right what you made wrong before. If you kill yourself, forget about it, you gotta come back and live the same situation over again and pass it this time, not to mention pay off a truckload of karma from doing yourself in..

Death is an illusion, there is always a continuation of consciousness, but we have to earn our way into a better place...
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