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Default Re: Deja Vue - an alarming rise in its occurence

Originally Posted by Egg View Post
I want to raise this question because it is some thing that is irritating me to a great extent, and at the same time is beggining to alarm me to a certain degree.

I cannot go a single day without at least twice or more having a strong deja vue attack, and a nagging feeling of really badly needing to remember why I 'sent' these incidents to myself in this time.

I go to the mall, I go to the town for a coffee, I sit at the PC and do my work, its every where. Information is so easy to come by its like I have it all stored in my mind already and just need to remember where I left it.

Its getting really out of hand, and yet I do not think this is the worst of it, as it is building up and up at as I say, an alarming rate.

Even sat here writing this now I am getting images in my mind that really don't fit anything I have read or viewed at any time at all.

So thats me - is it just me or are other ground crew people getting this as they start to prepare for the future and network and make extra contacts?
Do not be alarmed, this is who we truly are, multidimensional and beyond time. As our vibrations increase heading towards the shift, the 3D matrix loses such a tight hold on us and we have more perspective. Which means past, present, future, body, spirit blend in a way that most of us haven't experienced before. It is our true nature.
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