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Default Re: Deja Vue - an alarming rise in its occurence

Originally Posted by Mystic Pilgrim View Post

The other incidents that have been escalating lately is this uncanny ability to find or reach out to people, mostly friends and sometimes acquaintances, by just thinking about them. It starts off with a simple thought about someone – maybe an old friend or a colleague or an old schoolmate that I haven’t seen in 20 years. And then the next day or a few days after that - usually not more than 3 weeks, I will receive an email from them, saying that they’ve been looking for me for some time. Distance doesn’t seem to matter; they could be in the US, South America, Australia or anywhere in the globe. The contacts just keep on coming.
This happens to me as well. I will find myself thinking of people and hoping to see them again and a few hours or days (possibly even years) later, they show up in my life again. There are some folks that are difficult to "reach" using this method but it hasn't stopped me from trying.
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