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Exclamation Re: GroundCrew Book No. 1 - Serialized HERE >>


It is with careful and focused intent that the reality of this
earthly experience is being engineered into a pattern of downward
movement into the darker and heavier energies that are at
the lower end of the scale in which the human body can exist.
This makes the contact between the extension (spirit in body)
and its Soul (focused source) more difficult.
This is not the whole of the intent.
This allows for the possibility of the separation of
the two energies. Intricate manipulations of this extension energy
must be accomplished in order for this to be a possibility. The
“capture” of this Soul energy is for the purpose of causing a break
in the chain of energies that extend from the matrix of the Soul.
It is the belief of those doing this that it will cause a breaking
down of the positive energies that comprise the basic building
blocks of Creation.

In other words, they perceive that causing a
break in the return flow of this energy back to its source will
cause a disruption in the larger combined pattern of the Galactic
matrix. The conception of this group of separatists is that a chain
reaction will happen allowing for chaos to such a degree that their
focus can reorganize this chaos into their own matrix. This is
quite an arrogant and ambitious undertaking.

The plan includes many more quite fantastic steps to follow through to its completion.
This is not a plan conceived on a moment’s notice. It is one
that has been put together over eons of time in your counting.
However, since their plans are counter to the controlling parameters
within which Creation has come into manifested experience,
they are unable to take advantage of the processes that also
act as fail-safe guards available to the Creation for the purpose of
preventing this planned procedure from causing such an event.
Your logical question is how has this rebellion been allowed
to continue to this point?

The freewill aspect is what has been
exploited as the basis for their ability to manipulate humanity to
be the vehicle of their power.

Yours is the exact state of consciousness
to serve their purpose.

You are malleable enough to be
influenced into desiring change when pressure is applied to the
Soul/extension connection, and change is exactly what they
want. At each critical juncture in the previous cycles, mankind
has been influenced to change what was present rather than to
desire an entirely new experience. Within the cycles of energy
that maintain manifested Creation at the various dimensions,
there are critical points which allow for changing the vibratory
parameters of these dimensions.

There is within this opportunity
ways that they have worked out to create a downward spiral into
heavier energy rather than the lifting of vibration as was
intended. This can only happen when the mass consciousness of
that vibratory level of planetary experience has its focus on experiences
at the lowest level of that dimension.

As we approach another of these opportunities, you can observe where the mass
consciousness is with regard to what you call ethics and character
by considering the role models that are currently popular.
However, there is a risk for them in their process.
There is a point
at which their restrictive pressure of controlling the thought
processes of the mass consciousness of the planet can backfire and
cause exactly the opposite of what they have planned. This will
cause them to miss the opportunity of the final dimensional
vibratory change needed for completion of their plans.
They have been successful in their use of various techniques
enabling them to greatly weaken the Soul/human extension connection.
Because of technology and greater understanding of the
nature of human experience, techniques have been developed
that indicate success in the process of separating extension and
Soul. There is considerable over-confidence in the success of the
techniques used on individuals as being applicable to large
groups of a critical percentage of the mass consciousness.

The results of these experimental successes have them quite intoxicated
and already savoring the completion of their divergent
goals. (However, it is possible to reverse those procedures and
reunite the energies into wholeness again, though the complete
healing of these beings that have been used as guinea pigs will
require much help.

The Grace of the Creator shall be showered
upon those individuals to assure the Soul matrix is not distorted.)
The implications of this picture are many, but do not despair
for in the knowledge of this, you can plainly see that you are not
alone in the healing of this situation. It is just that freewill is at
the essence of how you got yourselves into this situation and it
will be through the use of freewill that you will desire to finally
do something drastic enough that will get you through it.

You have used change to get you out before and it only altered the situation,
it did not resolve it completely. In this case, the scenario
is such that it is literally “do or die” to borrow your vernacular.

Within the proper choice of focus lies your salvation.

Smile, you are on the “winning side”.

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