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I had a NDE about 12 years ago. Well, actually i was actually recorded dead for almost a minute. I dont feel to go into how i got there, more than that it was a rough part in my life.

However, as i where dying all the sounds went more "spooky" or more distant i may say. Suddenly i could see how the doctor and the nurses where all around me trying to do something. I saw them all from above and i felt; was this all? I thought i would do well more!? All the noises disapeared and a light engulfed me as i turned away from the physical plane.
There was nothing around me but a bright and constant whiteness, i remember i was rather disapointed over the fact that i did not see a tunnel, but was soon engulfed with calmness and joy as i begun to travel further away.
It did not take long before a rather tall, darkhaired man (i think it was a native american indian, at least thats how his appearance show) stopped my, by simply putting his hand in front of my chest. His eyes where eternal and his face determined. He said: your time has not come yet, you have promised us something.

I guess the promise is something i promised with my soul with the creator.
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