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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

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The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

Originally Posted by Zjenny
thank you for sharing that raven with us...
it is a bird, that comes to us,
to speak of great things...
i took a trip once, to cornwall, in 2005...
where the magic of camelot, and, the world of Avalon
existed, and, still exists there today.
Four of them, big huge magnificent ravens,
along with an eagle, arrived,
and, they shared the journey to everywhere we visited.
When i arrived at a bed and breakfast,
that had a view of The Thor...
they flew in, and, landed in 4 corners,
east, west, south, and, north, in a diamond,
and, then, the eagle, it came in, and, it landed...
that was a moment in time...
i will never forget...they spoke to us, about this time.
The altering, and, changing, and, the shifting,
into who we really are,
and, how many pieces of a grand tapestry,
would be wooven back together...
they spoke to me then, about The eXchangers,
if you are, one of them, you will know...
it is your task, to discover first, you,
and, you will find, hidden deep within that process,
"the seeds" you will reflect out,
for the inner eXpression, what lurks in your depth,
this is the 4th dimension,
where the etheric body of you,
meets, the etheric body of another,
and, in that eXchange,
you will know...
for as, you learn,
to mine the "inner_worlds"
there will be eXpressed outward,
from the totality of you,
to the "outer_worlds"
and, here, it will be the great meetings...
the "exchanging of all" that is,
and, all that might be, again.

Where the reflections & the shinings,
that will meet, and, will greet each other,
will be the true essence that shines.

All of them, are here, in this time ...
it is an unique time, one that eXists,
that is unlike any other.

It is time, to shine your light,
be who you are, and, do that authentically,
awakening them,
is NOT a task for someone else to do,
no one, can activate your essence, but YOU !!!

iF YOU ask, it will happen !!!

BE MORE...never less.

Brightest blessings of energy, light and love to all

the eXchanger

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