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Lightbulb Re: does anyone in the UK wanna "leave"?

I share your passion. I think anyone serious about this needs to learn basic survival skills, and other basic skills to firstly become more independant so firstly they are ready should we become part of any manifesting crisis.

Personally I consider this only the first step, yes there is talk of whether this will all result in a positive progression in human history where we realise that we need to change for the good, or whether the PTB are engineering the NWO and we are seeing this manifesting itself right now. The next big step for anyone willing is to re-locate and start a new society or societies. Much like the ones talked about by Michael St Clair. To do that requires sacrificing everything and I know not alot of people would be willing. But I see this as a truly positive and creative move and one which seems appropriate for the times we are heading. Why put up with all this engineered mayhem and all this suffering and enslavement when we can truly be free! The Earth provides everything we need to live, so why are we wasting our time plodding along like good slaves. The system needs us, we don't need it!

Is anyone out there willing to start a new society far away from all this systematic destruction and enslavement? What will it take to wake people up? We all know something is wrong but half of us won't act on it. We'll keep waking up each morning hoping everything is going to be ok, but it's not.

This is just the begining!
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