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Default Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .

Hi Jonathon,

I was interested in Ecuador when much younger. My reason for buying in Cafayate is not primarily for a safety zone, though it may certainly have such excellent potential. For me it's part investment, part vacation home for when I want to visit S. America and to use as a base to see S. America at my leisure. It is healing to have a wonderful place to visit and recharge oneself at any time, whether that time be joyful or troublesome.

Personally I do not think any ETs will prevent us from nuking ourselves to death if we are foolish enough to attempt that. Any, anywhere in the universe, who feel they need to do that and set it in motion need also to suffer the consequences in order to learn, just as with any lesson. The "dimensional damage" hypothesis is a red herring and also an unknowable IMO. Spirits will not be adversely affected by a nuclear holocaust, because they cannot be adversely affected by anything. Spirit is absolutely incorruptible.

For what it is worth, IMO the danger of nuclear holocaust is farther out in the future than most care to think. It needn't happen, of course, but if it does IMO many from the US and other places like Europe will ride it out in other lands like S. America because there will have been a gradual relocation over a period of perhaps decades. They will, as one prophetic source puts it "Come out of her so as not to partake of her sins [read apparent unnatural level of suffering caused by nuclear holocaust]." I am not especially interested in this source, and I'm aware of the countless others that insist if it's to be it is nearly imminent, but my own detailed research over the decades and my own inspirations have shown me differently. I am writing a book on this which I plan to finish and publish in a few years, when the timing is right.

It is good to be a participant in developing places like this Cafayate project. If I do not keep the place myself it will serve someone else well in the future, for whatever purpose.

Nice talking with you Jonathon.
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