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Default Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .

Hey Chris - that really is a beautiful place.

As for location, it could be that the odds for nuclear holocaust have diminished and the primary concern is shifting to landlocked elevation (perhaps a flood scenario). I'm no authority here by any means... I'm still trying to figure out if the mountainous area of Ecuador is too close to the coast. But I would like to share some interesting information that came my way yesterday.

I was speaking with a friend whose son was a nuclear engineer employed by a DoD contractor in the 70s and 80s. Although he was generally pretty tight lipped about his work (obviously classified), she mentioned some of the peculiar stories he would tell his father during vacations at home. One of which was about a pill he carried with him at all times that he was instructed to take in a situation where he might be compromised (apparently to wipe his memory). Even more intriguing was little tale about thousands (she believes he said 100,000 but didn't remember for sure) of nuclear weapons that suddenly failed - as in went completely inert. He was pressed to figure out why... which he was completely unable to do. The situation apparently defied all explanation.

I immediately thought of something David Wilcock said in an interview... about ETs disabling nuclear weapons and the analogy of the sandbox - whereby certain protective forces will interfere as needed to prevent nuclear catastrophe due to the nature of interdimensional damage that would occur. I wouldn't exactly call this a guarantee, but it could have some bearing on this discussion of safe areas.
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