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Default Re: Cafayate community in Argentina.

The following is from the October issue of "El Estanciero" newsletter for the Cafayate community. Here again is the URL if you wish to initiate contact:

News on Vintage 2009 Release

For those of you looking to introduce friends or relatives to the good life in Cafayate, or even to purchase an additional homesite, you’ll be happy to learn that the team is hard at work preparing to open the next phase which, in keeping with the wine culture that imbues our little valley, will be called the Vintage 2009 Release.

While we wish we could provide more details at this time, there is no hurrying quality and so we must ask your patience a little longer. Lead architect and California-based land planner Jack Zehren is hard at work with the local design team planning the next phase to the high standards we insist upon.

We can tell you, however, that the Vintage 2009 Release of new homesites is now scheduled for March of 2009....

That’s it from here for this month. We hope that you are faring well in the challenging financial circumstances now occurring. If it is any comfort, and it should be, your new home in this quiet and peaceful corner of the world is quickly taking shape.

We look forward to your next visit.

Warm Regards,

Diane Romero & Florencia Chapar,
your team of El Estanciero.

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