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Default Re: Cafayate community in Argentina .

"Argentina is the place to be," and the Salta region embracing Cafayate is a rich cultural jewel of Argentina.

In a column in the Rude Awakening last autumn, Doug Casey wrote about Argentina. Casey has been in the money game for several decades. He owns property all over the world. And he speaks glowingly of Argentina: "Argentina is the place to be," he writes:

"It's the cheapest country in the world. It has low population [density, is]
incredibly beautiful, the climate is great. One hundred years ago, it was in
competition with the U.S. for being the best place in the world, and the richest place. But it went downhill radically. But let me tell you something. It's turning around, I think. And what's going to happen is driven by the fact that everything in Argentina costs between 10-30% of what it costs in North America."
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