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Default Re: Earth Updates-2010

Hello All,

As Avalon becomes read only effective 4.9.10, this will be my last post/update as of today. If others wish to post occurrences up until 4/9/10, please feel free to do so. Thanks again to Viking for moving this thread over to AV2 for me, as I feel this is important information for all to have access to regardless of who’s driving it.

I will continue to post updates at the Mists of Avalon Forum and on AV2 (if nothing else) once I have received my invite. If I’m invited. To quell additional private inquires, I do not support the invite only concept, therefore, I will not submit my email address for being added to AV2.. I will let it take its course and carry on accordingly. It simply does not register as a priority or privilege for me. Historically, the human species has been divided, suppressed and conquered enough in the name of and by the “privileged” few.

Be safe until we meet again

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