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Default Re: Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

Wow! It's truly fascinating to read all of this. It's like a whole different world out there that I'm not aware of for some reason.

I was thinking about the this a while ago and I figured that if I for some reason created beings and wanted to be able to research them without them seeing me, I'd just program them to not be aware of me. This could be done either through some kind of signal that triggered the beings in a way that they wouldn't be aware of my presence or it could be an artifact or something else that sort of put me outside their awareness.

I think it's so cool that there actually are people out there who's awareness is wide enough to be able to perceive things like this. It's a joy and a bliss to see that there are more to this reality than meets the eye, a fraction of it I have experienced in some way, most of it I haven't which means it's still out there for me to enjoy and experience! I just need to develop some more. Awesome!

Cheers and thanks for everything!

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