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Default Re: Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

Originally Posted by jacody View Post
I asked because I often find things like what are in your pictures on places of my body, of course I don't know how they would get there.
That is really cool Jacody. Sorry I mispelled your name before. How many have you had? This is not the only marks I get. I also get some permanent skin discoloration. The discoloration is usually drown. I have 2 of them. One is on my left cheekbone and the other is on my right shoulder blade. Have you tried holding magnets to those areas or small metal objects? Stamples and small paperclips work well for me. Trust me, its REALLY wierd when you do it for the first time. Also, if you try this, don't be surprised if a nerve in that area gets all weird or it maybe stightly painful. It goes away after a while. But I highly suggest not doing this if you may have one in you head. Holding a magnet to that area can mess you up and you might knock yourself out and feel very sick. I did this once and learned my lesson. I'll never do that again! I felt like crap for a full 24 hours after that.

Implant #15??
I've had a lump on my left calf muscle for about a month or 2. Friday morning I finally took a magnet and a paper clip to it. They both stick and it freaked out a nerve in my leg. I can't wait to get that device so I can see what ones are implants and what are not!
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