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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dane Tops

Exactly, could not have said it better. At first for me it started out as a dependency whilst I read and catch up in understanding of the processes I am running with the help of my auditor. The auditor seems to know and trust before I do that the answer is within me. Like a little child I take the hand of someone who simply has more data than I do, but like a child, I am also eager to learn and experience and mature. I know many former PCs (pre-clears) who now take themselves into solo sessions and do quite well.

Hubby and I took each other into sessions without the benefit of an e-meter. Our intentions were not perfect, but we learned. Personally I will not take myself out of the hands of my auditor until I complete this chain of engrams I am on and have arrived at the basic-basic of the chain and had a brief glimpse of who I really was (and am) before I allowed so much "error" and forgetfulness to disconnect me from the knowledge and trust of myself.

There are some basic truths that apply to everyone on this planet, but each person designed their own mechanism of reactivity.
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