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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dane Tops

Grassroots or do it yourself Scientology;

From Dane's Top letter, we have learned that the Church of Scientology has been taken over and is converted in a chanel of desinfo, money making, and a scam in general.

However, one can wonder how much the Freezone is behind in that ( in money making).
At 55 I'am quit alergic to "groups" and anything that smacks of "new age"

I'am far more interested in learning something that I can do and apley myself
independent of any "authorities"

In my experience, the moment you gain a good grounding in any subject, you reach a point where you can help yourself, form your own understanding and opinions - quit independend of what other may think or say ( on the subject)

I suspect Scientology is not diferent: learn to be your own authority , instead of being dependend upon the "specialists": A husband and wife team who do their own editing. - With some ocasional coaching from an experienced auditor.

I believe such a team could cover a lot of ground, not only in actual editing, but also in construction of an E meter: Are there plans available of such ?

My husband is an electronic engineer, and can surely make any electronic device ( we are a husband / husband team) while I'am ( among other ) a fine mechanic.

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