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Default Re: Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

Originally Posted by Valkyr View Post
I have had proceederes done on me, shots, injections and such. Some did indeed leave marks on me as well. If any of you would like to see, I did take pictures of one such occasion. This was one of my implants being installed. It left an impossible bruising pattern and a triangle of 3 injection sites that went into the pores of my skin. On facebook look up Abductee ElectroMagneto. Here is the link:
This is me. I have 2 albums one is of the implant pics and the other is 14 pics of ET people I have met. I found the ET pics on the net. Some should be familiar because it is some of the same ones here. One of my new friends there on that account told me about a device that you can get from Radio Shack that oddly enough can detect implants. He told me the frequency that many seem to give off. I'll be getting that device very soon!
A few others have told me that I have experiences that are unique. I honestly don't know why this is.

Love all to Eternity. Love to all Eternity.
Take care and be well everyone
I asked because I often find things like what are in your pictures on places of my body, of course I don't know how they would get there.
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