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Default Re: Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

There are some other miscellanious memories that have no real time freame reference. But I do know that they happened within the last 6 to 8 months.

Like one thing, I remember standing outside and looking up at the craft directly above me. I remember seeing the central ligth of a Triangle Craft (I think) and the pale blue light coming down on me.

Another thing I remember is being at a space port somewhere (I think) and stepping off of a craft. I looked across the space port about 200 feet away and seeing people of a few different species getting onto a different craft. The craft's propusion system activated and it started to rise. I felt the heat come off of it and the gentle breeze went by my face and through my hair. I smiled really big and my heart lightened. I was so happy to be there. It felt like home to me. I know I have been there before, but this deosn't seem to be anywhere on Earth but I could be wrong. the craft the other people were getting on seems to be like a "Tall White" scout craft. At least this is what it seems like from Charles James Hall's descriptions....

Another thing I remember is being outside some where and seeing REDICULOUSLY GIGANTIC craft. They were the size of clouds! There were many many miles long! I just stood there astounded at the size. I have seen this sort of thing 2 or 3 times as best as I can remember.

One other thing I remember is being outside some where at night in an ET city. A huge craft the size and look of a skyscraper came in and landed next to another huge building near a small body of water. I could reasonably conclude that these buildings in the city could possibly be craft that look like buildings. Its kinda weird but I can understand why this is too....

~~Sorry about the double post guys. I reported this to Gareth.

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