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Default Re: Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been gone so long. I have been upto my eyeballs in work and research. I do that sometimes. I go through research storms. Over the past week I have been doing research all night at work and when I get home it continues untill 3:00pm. I work nights and have a wierd schedual.

I really do thank you all for your warmth in your replies. A few weeks ago I was offered some time to speak at a convention by a friend of mine. She offered to call on me and speak, sharing her time with me. This is a huge and humbleing honor for me. This is my first time speaking publically. This will be at the Alamo Conference at the end of May. I hope that this leads to me being called on to speak more in different places. I have many things that I feel are important and that people should know. Most pointedly, the healing substance that smells like fruit, how far back our history actually goes with ET people/civilizations, and my model of how all life evolves. That model isn't different from what is understood of coarse. But few scientists are willing to work on and speak of multiple diciplines of science. This is all that I am doing. I have renamed "Extraterrestrial Evolution 101" to the "Unified Evolution Theory". It sounds more professional and it is summed up better with that title.

I'm going to avoid takeing up a whole lot of space on this thread and respond to everyone on this entry instead of making multiple entries.....

After I'm done responding I'll post a few more experiences, thank you. People have different presceptions on abduction and rightfully so. There are people who are affraid of ET people and the unknown in general. Long ago when I did occasionaly read about other's experiences I would think to myself "WOW! I'd love to go through that! Why is this person so affraid and traumatized?" In my personal veiw (I can be wrong) it is the presceptions of the people being taken. If they have fears about the whole thing to begin with they will be affraid, traumatized, and thus have a bad experience. People who are open to things won't be traumatized as much or not at all. This is my personal veiw and idea. Like I said, I can be wrong. But than again, there are some things that happened to me that were tough to deal with. Knowing that I may have 2 children isn't easy. Facing that fact that I have left this planet threw me for a ride. Faceing the fact that I know how to pilot one type of craft was very jarring. And in the beginning, I saw things quite differently and was affraid at times. Still in rescent months one thing was a bit scarry but when it happened again and asked questions I understood and was not only fine with the whole thing but happy and thankful. The rescent thing was being "Accustically Tuned". I'll go into that in a little while.

I have had proceederes done on me, shots, injections and such. Some did indeed leave marks on me as well. If any of you would like to see, I did take pictures of one such occasion. This was one of my implants being installed. It left an impossible bruising pattern and a triangle of 3 injection sites that went into the pores of my skin. On facebook look up Abductee ElectroMagneto. Here is the link:
This is me. I have 2 albums one is of the implant pics and the other is 14 pics of ET people I have met. I found the ET pics on the net. Some should be familiar because it is some of the same ones here. One of my new friends there on that account told me about a device that you can get from Radio Shack that oddly enough can detect implants. He told me the frequency that many seem to give off. I'll be getting that device very soon!
A few others have told me that I have experiences that are unique. I honestly don't know why this is. I tend to think that there are many other people who are more important than me and have ways of public speaking so that they can convey messeages. The many people who have been interviewed by Project Camelot, in my mind, would be better targets. These people are spiritual leaders, scientists, historians, and military people. They have more credentials that I do. It would make sence to me that these people would be exposed to these experiences and not me. But don't get me wrong, I am NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL! I love it. But I am not a person who seems to be very important in a big picture sense. I honestly don't know why mine are so unique.

I have not read Lou Baldwin's book yet. He sould like a person I should look up.
I can come up with only 1 reason why I might have so many implants. I asked for them. I did so because I thought I was going to be moving to Colorado from Pennsylvania and I wanted the project to keep going. I wanted all of them to know where I was so that the whole thing could keep going. Unfortunately I had to put off moving for a year. So this year in September I'll be moving. That is my only idea. After I asked, I received 4 within one month. Two of them were only 3 days apart.
Please go on with your book Carol!!! I for one would love to read it!!! Please do it!! I am very curious about their cultures and who they are as people. If you know anything about the animals and plants that they have on their planets, could you some how include that as well?

Thank you. By reading your response I was able to remember a picture of an elf that I saw abour 5 years ago. It was a picture of her face. It is pretty close to how these people look. I have never been able to adequitely describe what they look like untill reading your response. Thank you VERY much. Here is the pic:
The eyes of the aquatic woman was a bit larger and her hair wasn't in her face, so a little imagination is still needed. But the general facial structure is pretty similar. This aquatic specie of people are tall and slender. They have large circular and slightly bulgey eyes. The skin looked to have the texture and feel of a shark. The skin color was greyish with hints and shades of green and blue. The whole body structure is kind of elven. Slender but very beautiful. I do remember both the male and female being taller than me. Maybe about 6 feet to 6'6". I do not remember noticing any fins of gills. Sometimes my memory is not perfect and sometimes I am not able notice some things due to the situations.
I do not think that the feeling of happieness is programmed in. Of coarse I could be wrong. I feel that it is a result of just being around them. Maybe a good example of this is what you felt from me. Its a similar tpye of thing I think. I feel a very similar thing from you that you feel from me. I feel a great warmth from you.

This was my most recent thing that happened:
3-3-10 The Sound.....
Before this time I was exposed to this sound. When that happened for the first time, it was very unsettleing. It was scarry. So bad in fact that I didn't want to be alone or in the dark. I had to go to work though and most of the time at work I'm alone so I kept my mind busy research and watching Project Camelot interveiws. This sound was deeply rooted into my psychie. I was OK after that first night.
Now the second time it happened here on 3-3-10 I was not as unsettled as I was before, but I was stille a bit shakey about it. I had memory this time where I did not before. All I remembered was being in darkness and there were dark shapes of ET people moving about. I remembered this while at work.
This is what the sound sounds like.... Close your eyes and block out Vrillon's voice and the TV speakers and listen to the bass pulse sound. In the video at about 1:50 you can start to hear the sound better. Its quiet here. For me on the craft it was much louder and there was no other noises but that sound. You can hear it pretty well again at 4:30.
As I said, I remembered this at work. No one was really around so I had some quiet space to myself. At one point 3 people came in to go to the bar. While at work I channeled this:

"Accustically tuned. Being in darkness helps the effect, there is less to distract you. There is nothing to fear of us or the sound. Please don't be affraid. This boosts your resception signal. It is wakeing up your cells to their potential. So do not be affraid. It is wakeing up your conscieousness. You will be able to communicate better. There is something you must do. You require the proper tuneing to be resceptive to what it is. Your being accustically trained for the job. You are very important to us. (i asked if I was doing good enough for them) You serve us well, for the betterment of humanity, and all of us. You are one of many. You are gifted. There are many more of you.You are a good person and will go far. Educate people. Yes, share your knowledge it will affect the people it is supposed to. Keep learning and keep going. Keep speaking, people hear you. (I asked to do something great for humanity) You are, you will. There is something left for you to do. It is of utmost importance but it will be later. You will know when the time is right but its not right now. You willl know when the time is right. You will know. (I asked what it was that I am needed to do) You are not supposed to know it will disrupt time if you do. Let natural law take it's course and it will happen when it supposed to. (I asked for my memory) You will get your memory when you are suposed to. (I asked to meet the mothers and our children. I also asked to meet with ET people more consciously) We will meet as a family. Your family is waiting. They will join you soon." (2 pokes in the brain) (the bartender came upto me, 3 people came in right after being poked. Maybe pokeing was to wake me up from trance?)

"Everything you have done in your life has been for a purpose. We have guided you since the beginning. Stay connected there is more. Don't shut us out yet. Just sit and listen. Just be still. (has to do with moveing out west) You are going for a reason you will learn much and teach much. We are guiding you out there. You will be ok and taken care of. You will not fail. Just watch listen and learn. You will meet many people like you, learn from them, tell them what you know its important. You must go out there and do what you must do. We will guid you.You will be clearer out there. You mest be cleaned. You will learn more. Learn outo writing (auto writing) and clearavoyance. Learn trust in us and others. Learn auto sight. (Remote veiwing?) This will help us. Just trust. Unify the tauriod. (Unify the 7 chakras?) You will meet them. You are an expert. You are off center. You will center. Harmonize yourself with Earth. You will know when the time comes. (I'm being shown Red Rocks Park in Colorado) Center, harmonize here. Reconnect to Earth. Your connection is loose but not bad. You will be better. This is a good place. Beautiful place. Love this place. Your heart is here. Your love is here. Earth Center. Your time has come to change. And change you will. For the better. You're important. Harmonize yourself. They are disruptive. (refering to the people in the bar) (seeing Red Rocks again) Your heart is here. (being shown a blonde woman at the amphetheater in Red Rocks) Love is here. Go here everyday. You will meet. Love Earth. Love humainty. Love yourself. You will go far. You will be OK. You will see them. (i said I will do my best) We know you will, that is why we hired you. We have been with you always. You are our child. You are our future. You are our frined. Meet the people and go with them they will help you. (humans and ET's?) You are just go. Trust. Love all to eternity. Love to all eternity. (being shown outer space and Red Rocks Park) Go home."

This is a really big thing for me. Up untill about a month or 2 ago I have never channeled. Since I began to do so, it was only a few words at a time to a sentence or two at the very most. Channeling this much is really huge for me. I don't even know if it really is channeling since I don't know how it works. I don't know how to initiate it, but I do know how to stop it. For me it is like telepathy with an ET person but at a great distance. That is the best that I can describe. At one point in the channel I am told that I'm an expert. I didn't really like that too much. I NEVER consider myself as an expert of anything. I am just smart enough to know that there is a whole lot that I don't know. I study extensively but know that there is a whole lot that I don't know. The thing about Red Rocks Park in Colorado is very interesting. I have been out to Colorado 6 to 8 times. Every time I went I have always gone to Red Rocks Park and loved it there. The same goes for Dinosaur Ridge across from Red Rocks Park.
Since this channel I have used those same parting words ("Love all to Eternity. Love to all Eternity."). When I first heard them I had the full understanding of exactly what it means.

I wrote this on 2-11-09
Re-aquired Peace
EBE's (ET's) are just as much a part of nature as an ant, turtle, mouse, or any other animal. The same goes for humans. The universe is an old thing, 14 to 16 billion years old. Our planet is only 4.5 billion years old. The celestial people have been coming here for as long as 3 billion years. This means their star systems, planets, and civilizations are much older than ours, two or three times older for some. This is all just the path of nature. Sentient species grow, evolve, and flourish. This is the way of things. There are other planets with people on them that are younger than our Earth. They had a later start than we did. They may not have even evolved into the humanoid bipedal form yet. There are other planets that are at about the same point in evolution that we are at. They are isolated and are not able to take their place in the celestial community yet. This is the way of things. This is how nature works. This is all how stars, planets, life, and evolution work. Some people are older than us, some are younger, some are about as old as we are. But we are all walking to one destination. That one destination is becoming a part of the largest and oldest community, the community of all of the galaxies, the universe, the multiverse (all planes of existence), and all dimensions. For the most part, this community is established for the betterment of ALL life no matter what form it may take.

9-14-8 Thursday

Tonight I saw another craft outside of my place as I was having a cigarette and trying to wake up. It was just above the tree line. It wasn't very large. Maybe only 300 ft end to end. But this time it was a triangle type ship with white lights at the points. It made no noise at all as it silently glided out of view below the tree line. I saw it for only a few seconds. It was beautiful though! :-) In total I could not have been any further way from it than 500ft! At that point I knew I was going to be visited again.

~~(this is the most magnificent vehicle I have ever seen! This beats my dream car, the DeLorean, any day! Little did I know back then, I may have just woken up from being dropped off and I was looking at a craft that I was just on just minutes before. Guess the joke was on me!!)~~

I came home from work Friday morning and I was right........

I was paid another visit Friday morning. Oddly enough it was at about 8:30am. It was pretty similar to my last 2 visits. The person hissed twice to see if I was awake. One the second and louder hiss I opened my eyes and looked to where I heard the hiss. (right next to my bed about 1 ft 6 in away). I held out my hand, smiled and said "Take my hand friend, I will go with you." My hand felt electrified and it looked like my hand had some kind of almost glowing outline to it. It was really cool! Then the upper body and head started to appear, it was sorta ghost like. The being had an almost confused look to it. I said again "Please take my hand friend, I will go with you." It then disappeared. Maybe it was confused since I wasn't home sleeping when I should have been..... I had to work on a night that I usually do not. Who knows!

~~(It was probably confused because he may have been returning me and I didn't know that. I understood so little back then)~~

Friday Night/Saturday Morning 9-15+16-08
I slept Friday night and again I was visited (~or abducted~). But this time it was more like February and March. It was a gathering of people of different kinds. I really can't remember a lot at all. I remember seeing some of the kind of people that come to me. But I also remember talking to 2 Greys. But that’s all I remember. When I woke up late at night at 1:30am and went outside for a cigarette I fully expected to see a Grey standing there. To me it was strange that one was not there...... I don't know why I expected this, I just did......

Wow!! That’s 2 times within 24 hours. Neither time was I afraid at all. I was very relaxed actually. I guess I'm getting better at this.........

~~(If I remember correctly I was speaking with 3 Greys)~~


I am VERY happy to say that this mornings contact results were freaking awesome! For the very first time I did not flinch. I did not jump. I did not move away. Finally I had the balls to ask "May I please see you all the way?" "May I touch you?" "Can we sit and talk a while?" "Please can you mark me somehow, something obvious, even if it's just for me to see so I know I'm not crazy or full of ****?" "Can I hear what the word 'love' sounds like in your language?"

I did hear a word spoken. I presume it was 'love' but I have no way of knowing. There is no way I can spell it or verbally reproduce it. As for the other things I asked, I was simply told:
"You are not ready yet."
This to me is a lovely thing! I REALLY like the word "yet".

I was trying to fall asleep and I was woken up by some odd tones going through my left inner ear. I was laying there on the left side so my ear was pushed into the pillow. The sound was soooo weird. It was like ringing, screaming, vibrating, reverberating metal of different frequencies and tones. This went on for about 1 to 2 minutes. The one and only thing I can conclude is my implant was either transmitting or receiving...... something.... Some sort of transition or reception of a signal. If you ever saw the movie "Chain Reaction" with Keanu Reeves as a machinist working on a black budget project of cold fusion. There is a part where he plays notes on a keyboard and the notes come out sounding really funky. This is what sounds my head was making.
The bones in our ear used to be part of the jaw when we were reptiles. Pre- dinosaur reptiles first started evolving into mammals loooong ago. This was one of the evolutionary changes. Some bones from the jaw went up and became parts of the ear. The Anvil, Hammer, and Stirrup. After the dinosaurs all died out there was a primitive land walking descendant of the whale called the ambulocetus. This creature had no ears at all. Instead what it did is it would lay down with it's bottom jaw on the ground. The 3 ear bones would pick up the vibrations through it's jaw and it would be able to "hear" that way. I believe that is what happened this morning and a few other sounds I can't explain.... I'm "hearing" through my jaw from the implant.
This is all very very weird...... That’s my best conclusion and explanation. I know I could get a hold of measuring devices and record the signals. But I have no clue what spectrum to use... electromagnetic, radio, microwave, gamma, or even light. I have no idea.... I'd love to figure it out, record it, and mimic it. Could even communicate through it. This is all guess work here obviously. Plus this would be solid proof to the scientific community that they exist. I could dig doing that too, but it's not a priority. There is already physical proof, my stuff would only be an addition to the endless list.
I can remember hearing a voice a few minutes later...... Very very strange

November 1st 2008
I ended up sleeping for 15 and a half hours straight. This was unusual since I didn't really need to sleep that much. It's not like I was awake for an elongated period of time. When I first awoke, I blinked my eyes a few times and saw very tall blurry figures leaving my room. They may have been "Tall Greys". But I can't be certain at all since I fell right back asleep for another minute or two. I remember nothing other than this. I have no idea why they came or if I went anywhere with them. No memory at all.

November 3rd 2008
I came home immediately after work and went straight to bed since I had to be awake for so long. I was awoken slightly when I heard who ever was there announce their presence. I opened one eye, smiled, said hello, and fell right back to sleep. I awoke slightly about an hour later to a click and crunching sound inside my skull/sinus cavity, some device charging up, more pressure in my sinus cavity, another click and crunch or 2 in my sinus cavity, and then the back of my skull at the spine/skull joint cracked. I woke up fully and VERY quickly opened my eyes and saw this....... thing that I can barely even attempt to describe undulating up away from my face all the way to the ceiling. This all sounds very painful and unfriendly. But it sounds a lot worse that it actually was. Half of my face was numbed out. Right now there is minimal discomfort but the right side of my face, its slightly swollen and I have slight internal bruises. It’s not even an ache, no pain really. It just sounded REALLY bad. But when I woke up tonight I heard the thing working. The signal from this is very different from the one in my jaw. Different technology was used to install it as well. I very much believe that this new implant is from some specie different than the first one. This whole procedure dried out my mouth and sinuses. But on a very good note I've had sinus trouble since birth. I no longer have that on my right side. Also, a number of years ago I hit my head hard. It took a while for it to stop hurting but eventually it did. But today, the right side of my skull/spine joint feels better than ever. The left is still the same but now I have a way of comparison between the two. I didn't even know that I've had a slight ache this whole time there. But now it's totally gone on the right side.

~~(After being returned home from the implant I saw this)~~
I'll try and describe what I saw. Dude it was SO STRANGE I can't even relate to it!! Even with all of my back ground in studying all forms of life and various physics I simply CAN'T relate to it!! It was about a foot long and maybe 3 inches at it's thickest. It was all black in color. The first thing that popped into my mind while watching it was that it looked like a pine tree that had no trunk undulating/crawling away like a sea cucumber or caterpillar. It had no visible body to it or head. It was just wispy like appendages everywhere, more dence towards the core of it. But it was nothing but feathery wispy stuff. It moved sorta like a caterpillar, or sea cucumber, or some sort of weird sea worm. I don't even know if it was a living thing or a machine of some sort! I can't even begin to guess at all!! It was soooooooo weird, but incredibly interesting and amazing too. Its so far beyond my ability to understand it.

June 2009
One night at work I was out back looking at the sky. I do this every night. I look for Sirius, Jupiter, Mars, and Luna. As I was doing this a small craft sprung up from the valley about ½ to ¾ of a mile away. The craft stopped it’s rapid ascent and hovered. I stared at the craft and said “Hello! Who are you people?” Astonishingly I got a response. All of a sudden I could no longer see where I was. Instead I was looking inside the craft as if I was there, or as if I was looking through some one else’s eyes. I was looking at a being I call the Crescent Eyed Grey. It looked like he was verbally speaking to some one but I could not hear his voice. I could only see him. After a few seconds of this, the telepathy stopped and the craft shot straight up. This left me dizzy and I stumbled a few times trying to stay on my feet.

September or October 2009?
This is another implant that has been installed. This is a strange one. This one is flat and seems to be made of a white plastic type substance and it had 9 black dots in a grid pattern on it. All I remember was a Short Angry Grey cutting open the skin over my temple, opening it like a door, inserting the implant, and closing me up. I remember the look of his face and remember his breath going over my face. Later that day I took a magnet to my temple and I dam near passed out immediately. I faded in and out of consciousness for a full 24 hours after that and felt like I was going to vomit at least half the time. That was not fun! But I DID learn to never do that again!

Last implant, #14. This one is in my right leg. It is in almost the same location as the one on my left leg. No memory of getting it at all.

Late November 2009
I was called into work. As I was driving down Rt. 263 going passed “None Such Farms” I saw in the far distance (probably out in New Jersey ) a gigantic boomerang shaped craft. This craft was behind a very small one. The smaller craft was about the size of a passenger airplane or possibly was a passenger airplane. They were traveling from South to North along the flight path from Philly towards New York City . At that distance I estimated the boomerang craft to be at least 7 times the size of a passenger airplane. It was brown in color. At least that is how it looked with the setting sun. This happened at about 4:30pm and the sky was very clear. As I watched the craft, I eliminated it from being clouds and a flock of birds. After about 20 seconds of watching the craft both of them disappeared before my eyes. My immediate thought was “Holy ****! Birds can’t do that!”

Early to mid December 2009
As I was driving to work a friend and I saw a small craft with a very bright white light on the leading edge maybe 20 feet long cross over us from Southeast to Northwest. This craft traveled very quickly traversing the observable sky in about 10 seconds or less. We watched it come and when it was almost directly over the car I asked my friend “do you see blinking lights?” He answered “No, I’ve been looking for them.” After it was out of sight we continued talking as if it didn’t happen. This is just because this sort of thing is so common to me now.

~~Memory from when I was about 10 years old......
I would have to say at about 10 years old, I had a dream. I was standing on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. I was accompanied by a man. I don’t remember my height at 10 years old but I came up to the man’s waste. He was at least twice my height obviously. He was holding my hand and we stood there looking at the 2 planets. Jupiter was on the right and it was GIGANTIC. To the left was Saturn. It was in the distance a bit but it was still very easily recognizable and very beautiful. All I could do was just marvel at the beauty and insane size of them. Back then as well as today, I knew I was standing on a moon that belonged to one of those 2 planets. But today, I can’t really say that it was a dream. This may very well have been an abduction.

March 13 1997
I was sitting watching TV that evening. At that time I was living at a friend’s house in Annandale, New Jersey . Outta no where I saw insanely gigantic “Time Flashes” outside. The “Time Flashes” were so bright that they lit up the inside of the house and outside far brighter than day light. I have never seen “Time Flashes” so bright and brilliant before. It was so bright I was dazzled and partially blinded. I ran to the window to see what was going on. I looked outside and saw “Time Flashes” pulses in rapid succession. I think there was 7 to 10 of them. Each of them was the same in intensity. It was so bright I could see Round Valley many miles away. I normally can’t see that far during the day. I stood there at the window for a good chunk of time trying to see what had came through but I couldn’t see anything. As I was standing there a special breaking news report came on TV. There was a baseball game going on and the camera man was focused on the giant boomerang over Phoenix Arizona . My mouth dropped!! I said some thing like “HO~LY ****!!! It was you that came through!!!! Jumpin ******* ****balls!!!” I was glued to the TV all that night watching for anything on that craft. Later, this of coarse became known as the "Phoenix Lights".

“Time Flashes”

OK this is a bit difficult to explain……. I’ll try to define this with out going into temporal mechanics, theoretical physics, and quantum physics. As best as I can sum up, this is what happens when the time barrier is broken. This is somewhat similar to breaking the sound barrier, but you are breaking time instead. Or, may be it’s better to say the time/space barrier. Or, may be it’s easier to understand as breaking the dimensional barrier. When this occurs, naturally something has broken the time/space and space/time barriers and what ever it is has come through. This can be achieved by traveling though a traversable worm hole and probably through other processes. I have seen this before. It looks like insanely brilliant heat lightning but this is done without any noise at all, it is extremely localized, and it is close to the ground. Most of the times that I have seen this were just over the tree tops. Occasionally it is higher but not by much. This does also happen at ground level but I may have seen that only once or twice. Once I saw these “Time Flashes” accompanied by small spherical red explosions of light on the horizon. The flashes themselves are always pale blue…… Uuuuuuummmm…… It just occurred to me that when I have seen these, some of them may have actually been abductions. I have seen that same color that I see when the light comes down from some craft and picks me up. OK! That’s REALLY weird!!! Anyway, try to imagine being in a totally dark room and firing off the flash of a camera directly into your eyes. Time flashes are brighter than this.

Well.... with this entry and what I have posted before is about 75% of my journal. The rest is early stuff and me freaking out about what I see now as the smallest of things. When ever I read through my journal a question always pops up.... "Who or what the Hell am I!?" This is aot and it just looks crazy. I know I'm not crazy because I do have some physical proof. I'm also astounded when I hear some one tell me. "Oh! I've heard of something like that! Thats happened to such and such." Or some one will tell me "You got that implant from this or that specie of people." When I hear things like that it is very reassuring.

Love all to Eternity. Love to all Eternity.
Take care and be well everyone
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