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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dane Tops

It becomes quit obvious that becoming "clear" is a major desirable goal in one's existence; as a pasport to " a beter future"
However, none of this is ( as might be suspected ) simple or straightforward.

1. Knowledge of the overal situation has to be aqcuired.
2. Knowledge of the revelant protocols to deal with # 1 has to be aqcuired.
3. The protocols must now be implemented - otherwise this is just a "methaphysical study " ( or, another name for the same: "mind****")
4. The help of capable, bona fide, dependable assistance (auditor) has to be secured.
5.all this will require a significant investment of time, energy and last, but not least - money. Tons of it.

A Job has to be done - regardless of the dificulties to be surmounted, also, there are no shortcuts in this: get it done , or forget it.

Bearing all the above in mind; time is also an important factor: how much time is required, and available, to get clear ?

While this question cannot be meaningfully answered, we see here the posibility of unfinished business: dying unclear.

Death may be sudden and unexpected, clear or not; the important issue: how to face death; for death is not for the unprepared or naieve.

My point: Even those who have to die unclear ( or not yet wholy clear) can still do a lot better than those who are totaly unprepared if they have knowledge of the possible pitfals and traps ahead: meeting "Christ" folowing "the Light", "Golden doors"....

Also: why are we reborn on Earth ?
Out there, there are alien civilisations with beings, who live in bodies quit similar to our own,who are not subject to prison plante conditions; how about being reborn there ? - and getting acces from childhood to the knowledge denied us ?

Matters might not be so simple as I state them: yet it would be good to know what are the real ins and outs.

Anyone comments ? , sugestions ?
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