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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dane Tops

I could not have summed it up better, and not from reading about it in numerous books, but from my own chain of incidents that I am currently recalling, tracking down my own elusive (staring me right in the face) key-in mechanism. If I did or were able to convey to you the magnitude of everything you stated above I'm sure some would go mad if they were not on a sure clearing path.

The good news is that once a being has cleared out all of his own particular charged up areas as an implanted and implanter and trapper of other beings -- at first it was just light games and then go seriouser -- well I can only and will only tell you what I have personally seen, but I do know others who have seen the same only from different angles. And I have not yet reached the beginning of my own history as a being.

Clear is the first step to surviving well on this planet, albeit still in prison. For example, I drove by a police station today and asked myself how I felt about it and my answer to myself was that I felt okay about it considering that I probably invented it!

The attitude is the trap, but we have a long long history of entrenched attitudes so it might take a person a couple of years to free himself up of enough fixed polarities/dichotomies/attitudes to be able to see the prison as an opportunity in disguise :-) An opportunity to be infinitely Sovereign/Creating beings no longer trapping or being trapped by sub-optimum responses.

Yes, you zeroed in on forgetting -- why did I forget whole eons of existences which I am now recovering? The answer is in the early 50's books and materials if anyone really wants to get some theory of Dianetics and Scientology, PLUS some workable processes toward the above-stated ability levels.

My trip out of the rabbit hole(s) has been exclusively the vamped up version of Dianetics, called R3X. I am making spiritual gain as a being towards my personal infinity, and I am becoming more successful in my everyday life. R3X has practical and infinite gain, linear and exponential. A being who truly knows his history as both an implanter and implantee (dramatizations of the poles of Ego) will come out the other end a wiser, pure, and incorruptible Sovereign being with infinite possiblities/potentials, AND not likely to ever fall into degradation.

Buddha called them "Non-Returners" in the cycle of reincarnation.

Oh, yes, my ability to help put order into a very confused society on this planet (to say the least) is what being a Cleared "OT" is really all about -- higher levels of response-ability. Clears and Cleared OTs simply can and DO bring larger fields of consciousness out of their non-confrontational stupors and to their original self-realizations. They can take the Game Constructs (i.e., Matrix) apart if they so choose.

In the past there were the compulsive irresponsible "Gods" but never before a Cleared God, a responsible "god". A responsible god has no minions to lord it over. Therefore the word God is no longer even a valid concept.

We can all now have it within our reach (if we so desire) to realize ourselves as those responsible cleared beings. Have to clean ourselves up first :-)

There are clearing practitioners in the Freezone. Caveat Emptor. An educated consumer is the best consumer :-) But I wouldn't be too picky considering the scarcity of available auditors. I know my auditor is booked and I'm practically booked, giving free auditing services at least twice a day, plus my own sessions.

Filbert's "Excalibur Revisited" (page 300), and L. Kin's "Pied Pipers of Heaven" are taken from the case histories of thousands and thousands of hours of past life/existences recalls of hundreds of people who knowingly (and tenaciously) put themselves on the Clearing path using Dianetics and Scientology standard practices.

The only reason we published our case histories as eons-old beings was to create a stir of remembrance in others and as a type of map out of the rabbit hole.

In between the non-optimum solutions incidents there were some great times, but even greater capabilities are here for us.

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