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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dane Tops

The signifance of the Dane Tops intervieuw ( for me personaly) is that it drives home a number of interesting conclusions:

1. Reality is quit different from what we have been taught to believe by religion - including Eastern religions, and new age: we are not here to "evolve" or "work off Karma" - we are here because we have been captured, mind controled, and kept ignorand of our extended reality.

2. There exist a network to capture those who have died in astral prisons, where they get programed to make sure their consciousness remains limited, this includes also the destruction of memory.

3. That way souls are recycled for further use and abuse in a new "life" upon the prison planet Earth.

4. The destruction of memory makes the definition and archievement of real progress impossible - perpetuating at infinitum the imprissonment on the prison Planet. - Note, that James speaks of all the above on his site.

5. Dying and suicide will solve nothing; we are bound to get captured into the same traps (because we do not remember )

6. All this talk about a "higher self" (implying it is an entity other than our present personality, thus defacto not us) is just a smoke screen to lure us to submit to a hive mind.

7. Restoration of memory is what we need to know that we are soul, and will forever do away with all this "higher self" B.S.

8. What we all need most is, memory recovery; to know ourselves, and to be
able to die a serene death, without danger of being recycled into the prison planet.

9. Original Scientology made available the techniques for memory recovery - and was subsequentely destroyed by the illuminati.

10. The original techniques and teaching seems to be still available, yet the odds to go through this process are quit daunting; even when in posession of the right material, how to find suficient time and energy to work through it while still having to function in society ?

Perhaps, one day when we get acces to Alien contacts and technology; new possibilities might emerge, like technology and comunity forming, but for the
time being such are but wishfull thinking.

I would like to hear from members here, how they did manage to restore their memories, and, what we as individuals who have to work either alone, or with a friend or spouce, can do.
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